Monday, July 1, 2019

Catato and Friends

My book CATATO AND FRIENDS is for kids 2 to 109!  It's available directly from me. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.  
                           copyright 2011 Renie B. Adams

Professor Peach's CATATO
"Let's create a Plantanimal breed.   
A mix of parts is what we'll need.
Examine this oddball I call a 'catato'—
Look!  He's part cat and part a potato!
A splendid example—to me so it seems—
The first Plantanimal born in my dreams."

Freddy's Doubt
Professor Peach, the children's teacher,
Inspired them with her curious creature.
"For homework this week, you'll each create
Your own Plantanimal!  Won't that be great?
And remember," she said to skeptical Fred,
"Anything's possible in your own head."

Pat's Apricat and Hippotato
"I'm giving Catato a couple of cousins—
An acrobatic apricat
And a hippotato who juggles hats.
We'll all gather by the dozens
To see their awesome act," said Pat,
"Can't you just imagine that?"

Benny's Rutabeagle
Benny's baby beagle Ada
Chased and caught a rutabaga.
Ada was a naughty pup—
She ate the rutabaga up!
Then she became a rutabeagle,
And that made Benny have to giggle.

Freddy's Mixed Feelings
Freddy stopped at Ben's for a while,
And, in spite of himself, he had to smile.
"Make believe is dopey really, 
Yet I guess I have to confess—
rutabeagle, though certainly silly,
Is still a great success!"


Russell's Brussels Trout
"Oh, dear," wondered Russell, "I really wish
I could make a Plantanimal out of a fish."
Troubled by doubt, his face in a pout,
He thought it would never work out.
Then—suddenly—he heard himself shout,
"HOW ABOUT A brussels TROUT!"

Peggy's PiggleS
When Peggy jiggled her piggy bank,
Out popped two dimes and a nickel—
"Quite enough money to buy me a pickle!"
Tickled pink, she thanked her bank,
Then had a hunch that made her giggle,
"A pig plus a pickle adds up to a piggle!"

Freddy's Decision
Freddy puzzled, "How did Peg think of piggles?
They're not real, but I'd like them to be.
I'd take a pet piggle home with me—
OK!  I'll make up my own Plantanimal!
I'll try very hard to think of one
That's really real and lots of fun."

Mary's Raspbear and Bluebear
A berry is a sweet little fruit,
But a bear is big and scary.
"Could I mix these two?" mused Mary.
"A raspbear would be very cute!
But I truly love the color blue—
So I'd love a wee bluebear, too."

Peter's Bumblepeas
Peter wouldn't eat his peas.
His puppy wouldn't either.
Mama said, "Peter, please!
No sweets until those peas are gone!"
So he wished that they were bumblepeas
And prayed that they would fly from home!

Helen's Ottermelon
Helen watched her otter, Walter,
Flop in the river and float in the sun.
"His tummy's so round and plump," said Helen,
"I could turn it into a watermelon.
Painting it green would really be fun,
And Walter would be an ottermelon."

Paul's CowWiflower
Paul lived on a farm and helped his pop
Care for the cow and the cauliflower crop.
Paul turned the words all around.
"Wow, what about a cowwiflower?
I've got to jot that down!"

Freddy's Worry
"I'm very worried," Fred said to Paul.
"So far I've thought of nothing at all!"
"Don't be worried," Paul said to Freddy,
You're just not totally ready."
A Plantanimal will come to you.
COWWIFLOWER agreed and said, "Moo."

Artie's Artichick
An artichoke leaf looks like a wing,
Which made Artie think about birds.
What idea would his thinking bring?
He started to play with some words.
Witty Artie, very quick,
Changed "-choke" and hatched an "arti-chick"!

Nina's Llama Bean
Nina's mama served her lunch—
Lima bean soup and banana punch.
"Look at this lima bean," Nina said,
"It's got four legs, a tail and a head.
I believe it's turned into a llama bean
The silliest thing I've ever seen!"

Freddy's Regret
Fred wished he'd thought of a llama bean.
He wished he could think of anything!
Parsnips? Foxes? Mangos? Prunes?
Bats? Broccoli? Crabs? Raccoons?
"I think I just can't think," thought Fred.
Nothing's possible in my head!"

Freddy's Flamango
Fred finally stopped thinking and rested instead,
And two fancy FLAMANGOS popped into his head!!
He happily watched as they danced a fandango—
His heaven-sent mix of flamingos and mangos!!
His sister, Sally, who saw his show,
Teased, "Sorry, Freddy, but I don't think so!"

catato's Friends
All the Plantanimals met at school
And found each other uncommonly cool.
Each one so different, yet plain to see
They belonged to a special family. 
All the children were thrilled at the sight,
And Professor Peach swooned with delight!